Outdoorization inspires people to move up

Outdoorization, the outdoor activities lovers. Promote different outdoor activities, share tips and experience through Facebook page, Facebook Group, Tumblr, WordPress, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. Hong Kong, China November 13th, 2015 Justin Ng, Leann Tang and Jason Wong, the founders of Outdoorization,the Hong Kong adventurers, exploring Hong Kong outdoors, promoting Hong Kong outdoor activities by … More Outdoorization inspires people to move up


In Hong Kong, many people love running which is the simplest sports. All you need is a pair of running shoes. However, some people are getting bored with this kind of gentle jogging. They still look for something more insane. Ultrarunning, the combination of running and hiking, is the only way which can satisfy these … More Ultrarunning

|下雨天行山小貼士5 Tips Of Hiking In The Rain|

最近幾日都落大雨,唔少山友因為準備不足而變咗落湯雞,唔想咁狼狽,就等小編同大家分享下係尼啲天氣不穩嘅日子行山應該準備啲咩啦 🙂 It has been raining a lot recently. If you are not properly prepared, you will get soaked. The following tips can help hikers to be prepared for the rain. 1.雨衣 Raincoat 遇上落雨天就應該著雨衣代替雨傘啦。因為雨衣保護得更全面,而且更方便走動。 萬一失足都可以靈活運用雙手保護自己。無用嘅時候又可以用膠袋裝入背囊,慳位、方便又安全。 When hiking in the rain, wearing a raincoat is better than using an umbrella. The raincoat provides fully protection for hiker. Hiker is more … More |下雨天行山小貼士5 Tips Of Hiking In The Rain|